11 Restaurant Blog Tips

I find it’s a shame few restaurants take advantage of blogging as part of marketing a restaurant.

Marketing a restaurant with a blog serves several purposes such as:

  • informing your prospective guests
  • entertaining your prospective guests
  • improving your search engine optimization (by publishing a lot of content – much of which is optimized for local searches).

Think beyond blogging about what’s happening in your restaurant. Start thinking about your town or city. Think about what might interest prospective guests.

11 Blogging Ideas and Topics for Restaurants

  1. Events

You can blog about events in your establishment, in your town/city/state/province, and in your industry. I particularly like the approach to blogging about events in your town because you’ll automatically optimize blog posts for local searches.

  1. Food

You can have a ton of fun here. Write about the food you use – the history, where it’s from, why you use it, etc.

  1. Wine, Beer, and Liquor

Like food, you could write extensively on wine, beer, and liquor in your blog. Don’t aim that your blog be to serve prospective diners. Instead blog to be acknowledged as an expert in the food and drink your serve.

You could write about the brands you serve, how the drinks are made, how the alcohol is made, etc.

  1. Places

Write about your town/city/state/province. These posts will help with your local search engine rankings. Every town has a ton of information to write about. Try to come up with interesting facts, events, happenings, etc.

  1. Neighbourhood

This is related to places, but you can take this concept a step further by writing about your neighbourhood. Neighbourhoods can have an interesting history, events, and happenings as well.

  1. Profile Employees

Write interesting information about your employees. Get their consent first. At the very least you could blog and profile the key players in your establishment such as your chef and/or general manager.

  1. History of your Restaurant

Some restaurants have a fascinating history. Even if your restaurant didn’t serve some famous person in the 19th century, there’s sure to be some form of story behind your establishment. Blog about this.

  1. Cooking Techniques

Some very popular blogs are cooking and recipe blogs. Why not join the fray and blog about cooking techniques your chef and cooks use. You don’t have to give away all the secrets, but I bet some of your guests will enjoy you sharing some of your professional techniques.

  1. Blog About Other Local Businesses

Here’s an opportunity for your restaurant to get some online publicity. Approach local businesses and offer a joint venture. You’ll profile them if they profile you. You each get links and more publicity.

  1. Details About Your Restaurant – size, # of seats, etc.

You’d be surprised how many people are interested in facts. Share some facts about your restaurant such as square footage, the number of seats, stereo system used, music played, how many forks you have, number of wine glasses, etc. Be creative with this. I suspect guests would be curious to find out all the details about your restaurant.

  1. Deals and Discounts

Publicize your deals and discounts on your blog. Don’t forget to include expiration dates.

Get website visitors to sign up to your e-newsletter by promising exclusive deals. Having people on your e-newsletter list is a fantastic marketing a restaurant opportunity. You can communicate regularly. Be sure to send out the type of information your subscribers are interested in – which is deals. If you send out too much garbage, your subscribers will stop opening your e-mail messages.